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Etimad Holding L.L.C achieves great success during “IDEX 2021”

Etimad Holding Group – the Emirati leading company in security and defense industries – announced the success of its participation in IDEX 2021 exhibition, which was recently held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. In fact, the group managed to conclude a number of important agreements and deals, and had discussed cooperation with a number of participating international companies.

Mr. Khaled Al Ali, Chairman and CEO of Etimad Holding Group, said: “Organizing IDEX 2021 has confirmed the success of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates in embracing the activities of this global event, while taking precautionary and preventive measures that ensured the successful continuation of the exhibition’s activities amidst the great participation and attendance”.

Al Ali added, “We were keen to review the latest products and industries created and developed by Etimad Holding, which constitute a qualitative addition to the defense and security sector in the United Arab Emirates. We presented a group of qualitative industries that we are proud to produce and manufacture, such as drones used for training, surveillance or target purposes; radar devices; advanced surveillance cameras for vital installations, borders and cities; cyber and electronic protection devices; and encrypted communication devices. All these are manufactured under the supervision of our Emirati national cadres, and we are proud to manufacture those 100% in the country.

Al Ali confirmed that the participation in “IDEX 2021” exhibition has added more success to the company’s portfolio, which prompts us to continue working and provide the best services and equipment that enhance the country’s position in the field of security and defense industries”.

Mr. Al Ali explained that the Emirati companies that had a prominent presence in IDEX exhibition have been keen to display their advanced industries and products in land, sea and air fields. They have also used artificial intelligence techniques to keep pace with the technological development in this important field. He furthermore highlighted that this is with thanks and in evidence of the UAE leadership’s keenness to support and sponsor the UAE national industry in the defense and security field, and the high quality that it maintains, which enhances customer confidence in our UAE defense and security industries.