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Fulfillment Management

We deploy the right operational company and applied skills through our following operational companies of Etimad Holding

Home Land Security solutions and services

Systems Integration of Asset Monitoring Solutions, Specialization of CCTV and Access Control solutions; Project fulfillment and execution

Home Land Security Communications and Networking solutions and services

IP, voice and satellite networking and communications infrastructure security solutions

Home Land Security Power solutions and services
  • Design of tactical power solutions
  • Health and safety solutions
  • Monitoring and Alarm solutions
Civil works and Engineering for Critical Security Infrastructure
  • Engineering services of critical security infrastructures
  • Construction services of critical security infrastructures
Certified skill-solutions, Contracting services
  • Human resourcing
  • Outsourced-Skill management
  • Operational contracting

Project Risk Control

Project Risk Management depends on supporting organizational factors, clear roles and responsibilities, and technical analysis skills.

Etimad Project Risk Management is composed of the following six process groups:
  • Planning Risk Management
  • Risk Identification
  • Performing Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Performing Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Planning Risk Responses
  • Monitoring and Controlling Risks

Etimad Project Risk management delivers the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities.

Compliance Monitoring

Continuous monitoring is the process and technology used to detect compliance and risk issues associated with a project financial and operational environment.

The project financial and operational environment consists of people, processes, and systems working together to support efficient and effective operations.

Controls are put in place to address risks within these components uniquely designed and agreed for each project with the end user.

  • Continuous Audit
  • Continuous Controls Monitoring
  • Continuous Transaction Inspection

Process Efficiency Monitoring

Ensure that the right process is in the right department and under the right skill

Continuous review and monitoring of execution processes
  • Supplier
  • Financial
  • Operations
  • Logistics
  • Predictability and Assurance of project success

Performance Monitoring

Tailor the project KPIs with the client for measuring project performance

Continuous review and monitoring of the performance against the agreed KPIs
  • Supplier
  • Financial
  • Operations
  • Logistics
  • Predictability and Assurance of project success

Standardization and Certification

Appointing the appropriate and certified qualification for each phase of the project
  • Sites
  • Technology
  • People
  • Assurance of operational integrity-grade of design, system components, connectivity, networking and access

Continuity Planning

For all the strategic projects, Etimad links the identified project risks with “A business continuity plan” for the project to continue without disruptions.

This includes
  • Power and Back ups
  • Stock of Materials
  • Staff Fall Back Plan Per Stage of Project and Skill
  • IT Disaster Recovery
  • Financial Float-injections
  • Contingency Planning Identifications

About Etimad

Etimad is a leading UAE Holding combining and governing key operating companies and competencies that together provide an end-to-end fulfillment, control and assurance for any type of national security model. Our mission-purpose continues to be providing key solutions for our nations-security. In continuation of our success, achieved over the last years through Etimad Operational Companies, our vision has now grown to recognize the need to combine long term strategy with tactical solutions. The success of our integrated security and intelligence solution portfolio, is now complemented with the establishment of Etimad Holding to deliver continuous assurance and governance for critical security projects.

Recognizing that each project is unique, requiring continuous technical adaptability, Etimad assures continuous project integrity through the respective capabilities of our companies:

All corporate core skills are structured together to provide an integrated delivery of national security paradigms of analysis and design, related civil works, multi sensors, networking, signaling, communications, installation, commissioning, maintenance and operations. The security models now requires not only technical solution focus, but also tailor-made project KPIs, governance, standardization, and conformance monitoring of the project in whole and across phases within:

Our operating companies deliver the adaptive technology solutions and Etimad ensures their Continuous-Integrity tailor made to fulfill your tactical and strategic benefit, unified.

This is Etimad